wow i'm behind

Hey everybody!

Looks like I've (quite unexpectedly) got an audience waiting for the next show with bated breath.

The long and short of it is that I've had the show almost ready since last week, but I haven't had the time to put it all together. Rather than give you a rushed and half-assed show, I'm trying to wait until I have the time to do it right.

Yes, today is indeed my birthday. I'll have to ask you to indulge me in not expecting me to do the 3-4 hours of work it takes to put the show together on my birthday.

I bought a whole helluva lot of records today. Great stuff. Go here for details.

The show should be taken care of soon enough. Quality is better than quantity. Or something.

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seriously, i don't sleep: podcast #6

MP3 File

You think I just call the show "never sleep" for fun?

Kick Start

"Incinerate"--Sonic Youth, Rather Ripped
"I Gotcha"--Lupe Fiasco, Food & Liquor
"Lost in Paradise"--Caetano Veloso, Tropicalia: A Brazillian Revolution in Sound
"Frug"--Rilo Kiley, Desert Blue OST
"Penny on the Train Track"--Ben Kweller [Forthcoming]

Vinyl Archaeology
"Make Love on The Wing"--Nico Fidenco, Zombi Holocaust/Emanuelle & The Last Cannibals OST
"I Really Do"--Zior, Zior
"Walking Blues"--The Groundhogs, Scratching the Surface

Leak of the Week
"Waiting for the 718"--Bloc Party, Live @ Coachella

Home Stretch

"Silent Shout"--The Knife, Silent Shout
"Radiation Ruling the Nation"--Massive Attack, No Protection: Massive Attack vs. Mad Professor
"Southern Comfort"--Burial, Burial
"Oceanic Lullaby"--J. Boogie, J. Boogie's Dubtronic Science

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gettin there

As I'm sure you've figured out by now, no update yet. The show isn't done. I'm working on being a little more reliable as far as "regular weekly updates" goes. Podcast #7 should be available for listening & download by Tuesday morning. In the meantime, check out Moistworks. It's one of the best MP3 blogs out there, with insightful and meaningful writing about the music it shares. Big ups. See you tomorrow morning.

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settlin in: podcast #5

MP3 File

This week's show took a bit out of me, but I'm getting more comfortable with the various segments of the show. At first I worried about finding great new music for Kick Start every week, but there's no shortage of fantastic stuff out there. Then I worried about finding great new vinyl for you every week, but given the explosion of full-album vinyl-only blogs in the last two months, I doubt that will be an issue.

Every week I think I'm going to have trouble finding a great new leak to bring you, but I always come across something. Labels are never hesitant to give thirsty fans a preview of upcoming work. And the Home Stretch is really coming into its own as a part of the show where I can play whatever I want to play and still make it work within the context of the show. So that's all playing out well. Comments, friends! I thrive on them!

Dig the show this week, I'll catch you again Monday, whence I might have a leaked Wilco track for you.

Kick Start

"Another Fine Day"--Golden Smog, Another Fine Day [Buy it here]
"A Method"--TV On the Radio, Return to Cookie Mountain [Buy it here]
"Pull Shapes"--The Pipettes, We Are The Pipettes [Buy it here]
"God Lead Your Soul"--The Sleepy Jackson, Personality [Buy it here]
"Magical 8Bit Tour"--YMCK, Family Music [Buy it here]
"Progress"--So Many Dynamos, When I Explode [Buy it here]

Vinyl Archaeology
"Don Juan de la Suerte"--Los Jaivas, Los Suenos de America [Read about Los Jaivas]
"The Backyard"--Miracle Legion, The Backyard EP [Read about Miracle Legion]
"I Don't Care"--Thor's Hammer, From Keflavik With Love [Read about Thor's Hammer]

Leak of the Week
"Here I Come"--The Roots, Game Theory [Pre-order it here]

Home Stretch
"Try It And See"--King Herod, Jesus Christ Superstar [Buy it here]
"Dub Will Tear Us Apart"--Jah Divsion, Dub Will Tear Us Apart [Impossibly rare]
"Public Service Announcement"--Jay-Z & DJ Dangermouse, The Grey Album [Download it]
"MegaMan II: Stage Select + Metal Man"--The Advantage, Elf-Titled [Buy it here]
"Vicious"--Lou Reed, Transformer [Buy it here]
"Common People"--William Shatner f/Joe Jackson, Has Been [Buy it here]

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